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funding opportunities

Funding opportunities :

Education Voucher

What is a training voucher ?

Unemployed but also workers / inside , who are affected by unemployment , may be entitled to support for their professional development , where the intermediary provides the need for integration into working life . Your  local employment agency or job center can provide this from an education voucher . Requirement for obtaining an education voucher for a training / retraining is a personal , free call at an approved counseling center that may be : Agency for work – Job Center – BG – , etc. ) . .

After a successful meeting with your / he Consultant / receive in which you can redeem at a training center of your choice a personally issued to you education voucher . Bildungsprämie Up to 500 , – Euro Voucher premiums

To promote the willingness for further , provides the Federal Government under the ” education premium ” an award voucher to . Individuals whose taxable annual income is currently 25,600 , – Euro – does not exceed ( or 51,200 , Euro in jointly taxed ) , receiving up to 500 , – Euro , if you apply at least the same amount even for your training . Further education savings

” Further education savings ” With the ( VermBG ) is a withdrawal from the accumulated balances allowed to finance training in the capital law – even if the waiting period has not yet expired . Workers allowance is not lost . Here no income limits apply :  

Each and every employee who / which has a with employee savings allowance funded savings deposits can perform this role of education bonus claim . The education premium is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Social Fund of the European Union . More information about the education bonus : www.bildungspraemie.info WeGebAU

Opportunities for older and low-skilled

The special program WeGebAU the employment agency training of low skilled and older workers is promoted in enterprises . The program is the interest and willingness of companies and people awaken and is designed as a pulse generator . The aim is the creation of  avoided unemployment by education and employment opportunity for workers to be improved . Promotion for workers aged 45 years With this grant farms to up to 250 employees , the professional development of their older workers can be facilitated. Who is eligible ?

Older workers can obtain from the Employment Agency as eligible is the human capital measure grants for attending a . How much is the grant ? The Employment Agency reimburses the employer for further training costs and is charged in a particular case an allowance for necessary outside accommodation . Promotion for unskilled and low-skilled With this grant unskilled workers and workers who are not working in their trained profession can further qualify ,  without the employment relationship must be terminated

Who is eligible ?

workers ,

  • who previously acquired vocational qualification or low-skilled, who are not engaged in an occupation .
  • which continue their education within the existing employment relationship and continued payment of wages .

  • the work efficiency can provide for their participation in a development completely or partially not .

How much is the grant ?

For the period in which the employee renders no job performance because of the training , the employer receives a wage subsidy including the related social security contributions .

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