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Preparation for proficiency examination to §34a

Preparation for proficiency examination to §34a GewO ( even after AZAV )

Who must take the proficiency examination ?

Evidence of completion of a proficiency examination must be provided by anyone who:

  • Patrols on public roads or in areas of actual public Traffic ( for example, City area ; security personnel in public shopping centers or stations )
  • Protects against shoplifters ( store detectives ; doorman at the entrance of shops )
  • Works as an external security guard in an public establishment or nightclub ( z . B. bouncer )

Because of the direct personal contact, the legislator considers a person performing these three tasks is highly qualified as particularly important. Therefore, security guards who are entrusted with these important activities have to be taught and trained in the limits of their legal rights and be informed about techniques and measures for preventive conflict management.

No person is allowed to work in the security area without the proficiency examination.

Contents of the course:

Participants will learn the necessary legal provisions and subject-specific duties and powers and their practical application, allowing you a responsible use of all guard and security tasks. You will also be provided with the knowledge required to pass the proficiency examination which is required (Gewerbeordnung ) § 34a , para . 1.4 areas to be extended. Exam Training also offered, where our clients are confronted by our course leaders with realistic § 34a exam questions and are thus optimally prepared for the proficiency examination at the Chamber of Commerce .


  • Theory and practice / case studies
  • Right of security and public order
  • BGB , criminal and procedural law , commercial law
  • Security -specific aspects of data protection
  • Dealing with defensive weapons
  • Accident prevention regulations ( security activities )
  • Dealing with people , behavior in dangerous situations , de-escalation techniques
  • Fundamentals of Safety Engineering
  • Communication and Rhetoric
  • Applicants Marketing
  • Computer Basics
  • Applied Psychology


The offer of professional training activity is aimed at working age women and men re-entering – for example after a ( longer ) period of inactivity – in employment or want to reorientate professionally. The conditions are that the participant is to take up work as a safety officer. Our other aim is that our clients are strong in the us of the German language and are also physically fit and strong.

Knowledge and / or experience in the security industry are not required.

Detektei Security Service Pappenberger

Detektei Security Service Pappenberger