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Internet crime is evolving into a very big problem. A serious issue of today’s Internet is the rapidly increasing number of criminal acts and fraud! Each day more and more Internet users are victims of criminal activities.


The majority of criminal actions are directed especially towards medium-sized businesses and individuals. Although state-appointed enforcement authorities for crime investigation are in charge, this includes in particular the police and the customs, the main task of these institutions is only the prosecution and conviction of criminals.

However, the injured parties are before the initiation of an investigation, responsible for the necessary background information or evidence of a criminal act. Because the state prosecution authorities did not enter the task for the interests of victims or the affected. These tasks are usually carried out by lawyers.

So if lawyers can represent fully the rights of the client, the police criminal charges can be refunded. This evidence and background information is required to be able to act. Certainly a person who has not been trained in the field of information technology will encounter insuperable obstacles to meet this requirement of proof and to identify the information they need for justice.

For this reason, you need a good investigator who will find your evidence in this difficult field of cybercrime.

Detektei Security Service Pappenberger

Detektei Security Service Pappenberger