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Video Security

Close-up Of Person Hand Holding Mobile Phone With Home Security SystemAlarm systems / video surveillance  

  • Installation of cameras / Video surveillance ( Long – Time recording device or computer )
  • Storage of the video data on internal hard drives of video surveillance systems
  • Global operating remote monitoring
  • 24-hour online service
  • Audible and visual ( optional) Alarm response

Even after theft of the storage device, this system can continue recording centrally on the external Server and this stored data can be used to identify the use of the perpetrators.
Storing the internal video data online on a remote server (upon request )

1. Conceptual design and planning – floor plans of the object are required.

With the floor plans we can then determine optimal amount of cameras that have to be used.

We can also then calculate cable lengths for the material costs.

2. Installation – the installation of the video surveillance system is taken over by our own field technicians. Only then can we minimize the risk of sabotage or preliminary interference. In exceptional cases (geographical situation of the video monitoring location), we also work with local technicians who are not only evaluated on their reliability but also on their loyalty and liquidity.
Depending on the object we will install black and white cameras which are used together with infrared diodes in high resolution or full color cameras. There is also the possibility of movable dome cameras which are ”zoomable” and mobile.
We recommend each customer to install a separate mains power for the cameras on location.
3. Configuration – the configuration of the software at the customer site is carried out personally by the head of operations of the company that we are using. Here the software is set individually to the objects requirements (motion detection, recording at night, etc.). The software can be configured differently. It is possible to record all data locally (which has the disadvantage that it can be stolen).

It is possible to make a recording in a different place. For this purpose the data is transmitted and recorded through a dedicated network to any location in the world. If the local data is now demolished or stolen in a burglary for example, no data has been lost  
Our customers with the systems that we have can at any time watch their property online ”live”. (Labor law regulations of each country must be observed).

Detektei Security Service Pappenberger

Detektei Security Service Pappenberger